Documentary filming in India

Documentary filming in India.

Are you looking for documentary filming in India, we are the best documentary filmmaker in India. We provide documentary film production services in India. We are based in Delhi, India and conducts film, video shoots in several part of India with highly qualified and committed professionals in extreme locations and in demanding climate conditions situations.

We can do customize research and location scouting for your documentary. We'll provide you journalist visa assistance for documentary filming in India. We'll provide you all needed permission for documentary filming in India as well camera crew for your documentary.

Looking for documentary filming in India?

Are you looking for documentary filming in India? We provide one stop solution for documentary filming in India.

About India

One of the oldest civilization and most colourful country in the world. Second largest in Population and seventh rank in area India has situated in South Asia. Surrounded by Afghanistan, Bhutan, China and Tibet in north, Myanmar and Bangladesh in East, Bay of Bengal in southeast, Indian ocean in south, Arabian sea in southwest, Pakistan in west. India is a land of unity in diversity. Diverse culture of India attracted filmmakers from all over the world. India is a secular country with different religion, multiple languages and lots of diversity in demogrphics as well. India is also very rich in art, culture, literature and architecture. Worldwide famous for its cuisine and spices. Well connected to the world by air also well connected by railway and road with neighouring courtries and world. India is maximum film producing country in the world and second oldest film industry in the world.

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Shooting locations

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Filming permission

For documentary filming in India, first of all you have to apply for filming clearance to your nearest Indian embassy or high commission in your country to obtain filming permit, journalist visa etc. For details about the process below the documentary filming in India official link of Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India.

  • MEA | Media Center | Documentary Filming in India
  • For all local permission we as a local representative service partner in India handle everything on behalf of you.

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