Film/video production services in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Film/video production services in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Film production fixer in Netherlands : We work as a film production fixer in Netherlands for your project.
Film line producer in Netherlands : We work as a film line producer in Netherlands for your project.
Film shooting Locations in Netherlands : We provide film shooting locations in Netherlands.
Filming permits in Netherlands : We obtain filming permits in Netherlands for your film or video project.
Aerial filming permits in Netherlands : We obtain aerial filming permits in Netherlands for your project.
Underwater filming permits in Netherlands : We obtain underwater filming permits in Netherlands for you.
Cast & Crew Visa: Provide assistance to obtaining Cast & Crew Visa.
Recce / Location scouting in Netherlands : Recce / Location scouting in Netherlands for your film or video project. Also do independent recce for you.
Film shooting permissions in Netherlands : We arrange your film shooting permissions in Netherlands from various concern ministry and local authorities.
Research : We also do research work for you as per your requirement.
Budgeting & Scheduling: budgeting & scheduling is done in the smoothest possible way for your project.
Film camera rentals in Netherlands :Film camera rentals in Netherlands for your film and video projects. Film camera on rent Arri Alexa 65, Arri Alexa SXT, Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Amira, Red Weapon, Red Epic, Red Scarlet, Red Raven, Red MX, Red One, Canon 100, Canon 300, Canon 500, Canon Mark 4, Canon Mark 3, Sony F65, Sony Fx7, Sony A7s, GoPro 5, GoPro 4, DJI Osmo+, DJI Osmo Pro, DJi Osmo Raw etc.
Grip rentals in Netherlands :We do grip rentals in Netherlands like like Track and trolley, Crane, jimmy jibs, Stedy cam, Glide cam etc.
Light rentals in Netherlands :We do light rentals in Netherlands like Arri par light, Solar, HMI, Multi, Baby light, Softy light, Porta kit etc.
Hiring of camera crew & Technicians in Netherlands : We have cast and crew team like executive producer, line producer, production controller, production manager, production co-ordinator, production designer, production supervisor, production accountant, location manager, associate director, asst. director, cinematographer, Dop, videographer, cameraman, photographer, choreographer, art director.
Film casting in Netherlands : Arrangements of senior and junior artists, models, folk dancers, Indian and western dance groups etc.
Studios hiring & Sets construction: Hirring studios, readymade sets for your project or make sets for your special requirement.
Catering : Catering services available round o'clock as per requirement.
Logistic support : Provide all kind of logistic support for your project.
Hotel & Resort in Netherlands : Arranging budget hotels to star rated hotels, resorts, guest house for cast and crew as required.
Transportation : Vanity van, ambulance van with doctor, shooting vehicles(Ac, Non-ac), Mobile saloon, Conference van, Vintage vehicles.
Security / Police protection / Insurance : We provide you personal bouncers security, police protection and insurance as well.
Setting up production office : Setting up your production office anywhere in India with all kind of assistance.
Post production studios : Editing system - Autodesk Smoke, Adobe premiere pro cs 6, Avid, Edius 6, Apple mac pro - FCP Final cut pro 7.2, Final cut pro X etc. very good animation and graphics system also avaliable.